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When you sign up for free at Nerd Coaching, you get instant access to our first training module, DIY Websites. Whether you want to build yourself a personal blog, a website for your home-based business, or a high-end, professional site, everything you need to know is right here, and absolutely free.

DIY Websites

As you work your way through the DIY Websites module, you'll learn how to build and maintain your own website. And not just a bare-minimum, low-budget-looking, glorified Yellow Pages ad... a proper, professional production. After you successfully complete Nerd Coaching's DIY Websites you will have built a website that some web developers would charge you thousands of dollars to build.

Your Own Website Absolutely Free!

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But you don’t just finish up with your own website – you’ll also leave with the skills to replicate that achievement and build as many websites as you like. You could build websites for your friends and family; start your own web development business; or perhaps the ultimate online passive income! That’s the really fun part, and don’t worry – we’ll get you there!

How DIY Websites Works

As with all things, you must start at the beginning – but the beginning has never been so easy.

Every day, over 30 days, Nerd Coaching will teach you a new aspect of website development. The DIY Websites lessons come with screenshots and video instructions, and are very easy to follow. But if at any time you feel out of your depth, we’re here to help.

Outsource Your Lesson

If you ever get stuck on a lesson, you have the ability to outsource that particular task to one of the Nerd Coaches!


Every lesson has an Outsource option and, from as little as $5, you can outsource a task to one of our tech-savvy team. Just click the Outsource button, answer a few questions about the problem you’re having, and within 24 hours, the task will be completed and you’ll be able to move on to the next lesson.

Outsourcing makes building your own website even easier. Just like other internet entrepreneurs, you don’t need to be good at everything – let one of our Nerd Coaches take care of it for you!

DIY Websites Is FREE

Remember, the Outsource option is always absolutely optional – DIY Websites is completely free, and we require no payment from you whatsoever. It’s our free gift to you… kind of like a getting-to-know-you present. We hope that once you’ve built your website, you might like to work with us on furthering your online entrepreneurial skill-set.

But in the meantime, we simply hope you enjoy your experience here, and we look forward to working with you throughout your adventures online!

Your Own Website Absolutely Free!

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