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3 October 2013
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Are you a hotkey fanatic? It’s one thing I most certainly am. I say why bother using a mouse if you don’t have to!

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re just starting out to build the content in your website or if you’re planning on blogging regularly (and I hope you are).

Most people don’t realise that WordPress editor has its own shortcut keys and, if you’re working in the editor a fair amount, it’s something you really should know.

Finding WordPress Hotkeys

The thing about WordPress is that it likes to make things easy for you and place everything at your fingertips. This means they’ve conveniently placed them right in the visual editor ribbon.

First, you need to expand the visual editor ribbon by clicking on “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” – this displays an extra row of options:
Show/Hide Kitchen Sink

Then, just click on the Help button and have a look!
WordPress Shortcut Keys Help

Six Basic Shortcut Keys For WordPress

These are the six WordPress hotkeys that you may already know. For Mac users, these commands are performed by using Command + letter. Windows and Linux users need to press Ctrl + letter.
Basic Shortcut Keys For WordPress

Advanced Shortcut Keys For WordPress

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to try out the advanced keys. For these hotkeys you use different access keys to make the command. Press the keys as quickly as possible at the same time – it will make a difference.
Hotkeys WordPress Advanced

Handy Hint?

When I first started using these, I made a print out and stuck them right beside my screen. It serves as a great reminder when you’re first getting used to them.

Happy typing!

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