Hi, I’m Andrew Marks; the original Entreprenerd. I’m one of those people who spends their working days in their pyjamas, with music blasting, and being “assisted” by the two greatest employees ever – my Labradors, Molly and Dudley.

I know I live the life that other people think is the dream (and I agree I’m pretty lucky). Really though, it’s all I’ve ever known. Starting fresh out of uni, I have more than 20 years experience working online.

When I began my online career, websites were coded by hand – meaning, each line of HTML code in a web page had to be typed in manually. It was a long, boring process and required your nerd skills to be maxed out. All I can say is that, if you knew what it was like back then, you wouldn’t think it was a dream!

Things have changed since then, thankfully. Nowadays, you rarely need to look at code, if at all. If you can use a word processor, you can build a website – it’s really that simple.

Why I created Nerd Coaching

It was the realisation of how easy web design had become that made me start to rethink what I wanted to achieve and, some time ago, I realised I had two choices.

I could keep working in my successful web design business, creating awesome websites for other people. At the same time I could keep building multiple websites for myself, generating a passive income. Really, choice one was to “keep doing what I was doing”… and while I was assured I’d always have enough money to pay the mortgage, travel and generally have fun, it didn’t excite me too much.

The other option was to share the knowledge. My wife and I are big believers in online income generation – using the Internet to its full extent to generate the income we desire. And one thing we’ve learned in our path to financial freedom is that there are so many opportunities out there. We could share our knowledge with everyone who was willing to listen and we’d still end up owning houses, travelling whenever we want, and enjoying life to the fullest.

When I thought about it, creating Nerd Coaching was a no-brainer.

What is Nerd Coaching?

My mission for Nerd Coaching is to debunk the theory that web design is some kind of secret nerd’s business.

The typical I.T. guy is no longer a pasty-skinned, former child-genius, who spends his nights playing online sword games. Sure, those guys still exist (unfortunately), but that’s not who real nerds are any more.

Honest – the photos on this page have to be proof!!

I get that not everyone has an innate desire to spend hours looking under the hood of a website to figure out how it works. Most people just want to know how to get online quickly and easily, without worrying about all that boring techie stuff.

Nerd Coaching teaches you how to unleash your inner nerd!

Nerd Coaching’s first training course starts right at the beginning of website design. Established as step-by-step video and task based lessons, learners will design, develop and publish their own website.

Nerd Coaching members also gain access to additional content; hints, tips and tricks; our online forum; and premier access to all our training courses.

My Nerd Coaching goal is to empower non-nerds to build and edit their own websites. I believe the more you can do, the more powerful your website will be, and the more powerful the Internet will be.

Happy learning!
Andrew Marks

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